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Please follow our own design examples - Alpha serie

IoT Angle Sensor – USB, Ethernet interface 

Series of controllers for Angle and Rotation monitoring in different formats, performing pulse multiplication for higher resolution per turn. Logging data to file in different formats: text, Microsoft excel and Matlab or Octave. Possibility of 5 or 10 volt supply for the sensor. Single or differential line receiver for distances up to 100 meters . Alarms outputs (4 different alarms), Autozero function for finding zero position around the circle. Sensor voltage and current measurement, motor drive function – 8 bits PWM pulse width modulation (prepared for servo function). Alpha meters can handle sensors from 10 up to 65 536 increments per turn with sensor signals up to 600 kHz (18 000 rpm for 2 000 incr/turn sensor). Alpha works with absolute sensors as well. Standard USB 2 or Ethernet interface. Very fast XILINX CPLD* and ATMEL microcontroller based design. Desktop or DIN Rail models. SSL certified software. CE certified hardware.

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*CPLD – Complex Programmable Logic Device

Motion Safety Alarms

The system drives Alarm Relays depending of setup values (buffered):
Minimum Angle, Maximum Angle, Minimum Rotation Speed, Maximum Rotation Speed.


2017-07-21 Beta test impressions…

I had the opportunity to be a beta tester for Alpha Basic (angle and rotation meter) due to my experience in CNC machines and electronics. It is a well-developed product with simple installation of both hardware and software.
I tested the software in win7, win8 and win10 environment and no issues with drivers or GUI where found. Documentation where easy to follow and left nothing in doubt. The hardware seemed to be as accurate as the installed encoder, but one precaution shall be mentioned here, don’t use high cogging motors in combination with optical encoders that cannot handle the vibrations. UTD Innovations where very helpful with everything and it will be interesting to see that comes up next on their new website. Maybe a SDK for developers that wants to include this product in a larger system.

Claes Ekengren

Electronics Designer
Trimble AB – R&D


2017-10-19 Rework results…

The issue with cogging motor in combination with incremental encoder became interesting question for me.
After series of different solutions and consultation with Claes Ekengren, I developed a VHDL algorithm which worked very good with stepping motors. I asked Claes again to test the system as hard as possible. This time the results of it was perfect: the system worked correctly even with step motor in resonance.

Alex Albertsson Kosakowski

Electronics Designer
UTD innovations  – R&D

(former Electronics Designer R&D
Trimble AB)

UTD innovations provide consulting in:


  • Technical Supervision
  • Technical research
  • Calculations and simulation
  • Digital and Analog electronics
  • Schematics and circuit boards
  • Software for CPU, FPGA and PC
  • Mechanical design and 3D PRINT
  • Product testing and debuging
  • CE testing and certification
  • Production documentation
  • Prototype series up to 100 units
  • Garanti service

UTD innovations is able to provide
all of services above in larger projects as well.
Please call 073-654 09 49 for more information.


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